Design Process

The Story Behind Our Silver & Cold Enamel Collection's Fynbos Palette

The Story Behind Our Silver & Cold Enamel Collection's Fynbos Palette

Our Silver & Cold Enamel Collection consists of handmade silver rings, pendants and earrings, each filled with a carefully selected shade of hand-mixed resin from our latest colour palette.

This year we decided to select the colours for our Silver & Cold Enamel Collection from the beautiful fynbos species found in the mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa. We worked our way through many stunning species, and with the use of the Pantone Studio App, we selected three fynbos varieties as our finalists.

Read more on what transpired, below:


 After choosing the final three varieties, the next step was extracting all the shades:

And from here we selected our final three shades!


The Manufacturing Process

Once we’d chosen the three shades, we hand-mixed our coloured resin to match. We then set to hand -making the silver elements of the jewellery pieces, which would serve as the vessels for the resin (or Cold Enamel, which is jeweller’s slang).

Once complete, we filled each silver pendant, ring and earring with one of the three shades.

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The Shoot

When everything was finally ready, we headed for Table Mountain National Park, accompanied by three gorgeous models, 2 styling assistants, three custom-made flower crowns by Opus and talented photographer, Megan McGrath, and spent an afternoon shooting our latest Silver & Cold Enamel Collection.

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